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Planning a Wedding on Short Notice? How to Be Flexible When Finding the Right Venue

When you plan a wedding a year or two in advance, you should have no problem finding a large venue selection with available dates. But, when you get engaged and decide that you want to have a wedding in the few months, you may run into some planning complications. Making a few phone calls to different wedding venues can lead to finding out that most venues are reserved.

Although it will not open up every venue to a possible reservation, one problem is that some couples are not flexible enough with their compromises. So, you will want to consider a few things to be flexible on so that you can maximize the chance of finding an amazing venue.

Guest Capacity

Wanting to have a wedding with over a hundred guests requires a lot of careful planning. But, since you intend on having a wedding on such short notice, you may not be able to get enough people to accept your invitation because some people cannot make changes to their schedule.

Considering a smaller guest list will help you take advantage of venues with lower guest capacity. Accommodating 10 to 50 people is easier and more commonly found than 100 people or more.

Another benefit is that you can use the large venues for a smaller wedding, but you will not be allowed to have a large wedding in a venue that has a smaller capacity than your guest list.

Time of Day

Although you may love the idea of getting married at a certain time, you should be flexible with the hours. This means that you should be prepared to get married at any time starting from the morning all the way to the late evening. Some venues are able to host multiple weddings per day and picking one of the less common time slots will help you get a guaranteed reservation.


In addition to the time of day, you should consider prioritizing weekdays for your wedding. The weekend is the easiest time to get everyone together for a wedding. Also, weekends are limited to two days while you have five weekdays to choose from to find an available date and time.

If you want to make it easy for people to come, you should look at Monday or Friday because this means that a guest may only need to take an extra day off to make it to your wedding.

Considering these details will help you find a lovely venue for your upcoming wedding.