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How To Dress For A Vineyard Tour

Visiting a vineyard can be a great way to learn more about your favorite wines, but you'll want to be sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. Here are some helpful fashion tips you can use to make sure you put your best foot forward while still staying comfortable on your tour.

Go With Flats

Wearing the right shoes can be key to enjoying your vineyard experience. While you may want to get dressed up for the occasion, it's a good idea to leave the high heels at home. Flat shoes make it easy to navigate grassy fields, rocky patches, and the rows in between vines. They can also make it easier to walk down steep wine cellar steps safely. In the summer, opt for close-toed sandals, and choose fashionable flat boots for fall or winter visits.

Dress In Layers

A cool day can get warm very quickly in the sun as you scope out the vineyard, so consider dressing in layers. A soft cardigan or a wool wrap can keep you warm in chilly cellars, while a lightweight blouse or dress is perfect for strolling outdoors. Check the weather report before you leave, and be sure to think about the time of day you'll be visiting. Temperatures at dawn and dusk may be cooler, which might mean dressy jeans or slacks will keep you more comfortable than a flowing skirt. If you can't decide between pants and a skirt, opt for a maxi dress instead. The length will keep you covered, while the flowing design can keep you cooler in warm temperatures.

Shield Yourself From The Sun

It's a good idea to bring along sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, but you may also want to protect your face as well. Consider a fashionable floppy sunhat for extra protection, and apply a layer of sunscreen to your face and arms before heading out on a vineyard tour. A light sweater or button-down blouse can make great cover-ups for sunny-but-cool days at the vineyard. If possible, visit early or late in the day to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

Be sure to check with the vineyard tour company before choosing your wardrobe. If your tour includes a wine tasting or meal, there may be a dress code to follow. Avoid overly casual looks, and ask if there are any rules before you head out. In some cases, you may be asked not to wear perfume that might otherwise interfere with the aromas of the wine. Keep this in mind when you select a sunscreen as well, as some may have fragrances in them.