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4 Ways To Prepare For A Scottish Wine Tour

If you have signed up to take a Scottish wine tour with a vacation company like Tours of Scotland, then there are a few things that you can do ahead of time to ensure that you have a great experience.

Study Up On Local Wines

If you do not know that much about the wine industry where you are heading, take some time to study up on local wines. Read up and learn about the history of the local vineyards. Make a list of the types of wines that the local Scottish vineyards make, and learn a little about the process, flavor, and history behind these types of wines. This is a great way to determine which vineyards you really want to visit and what types of wines you are really interested in tasting on your tour. This will give you more direction for your wine tour.

Pick Three to Five Vineyards

When you go on a wine tour, be sure to create an itinerary for your Scottish wine tour. Pick the top three to five vineyards that you want to visit. Think about how long you want to stay at each vineyard or even how long you want to be out.

If you don't want to be out for long, you can split up your wine tour into two different days. If you want to spend the entire day in wine country, then make sure that you have lots of different vineyards mapped out for your day.

Consider The Time of Year

When you plan your day, take into consideration how the time of year is going to affect your tour. If you go in the summer, vineyards are more likely to be busy in the afternoon, so plan to start your day early and be prepared to be patient with the larger crowds. Surprisingly, spring is generally considered an off-season for wine tours, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about others.

Bring The Right Supplies

Bring a tall empty box with you so you have somewhere to put the wine bottles that you purchase. You may also want to bring some towels to keep the wine bottles in place and ensure that they don't roll around.

Pack some snacks or a lunch with you. Some vineyards serve food, and others allow you to bring your own, so do some research ahead of time so you are not eating food on a grumbling empty stomach. Bring an outside blanket so you can enjoy a picnic.

The key to a great wine tour is to plan ahead so that you know what you want to do and experience when you are on your Scottish vacation.