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What Are The Best Ways To Experience A Wine Tour?

If you are interested in going on wine tours and wonder what the best way to go about it is, well you don't have to limit yourself to only driving a car. You can actually take various forms of transportation through the vineyards, and each one has their own type of experience.

Car or Jeep

You can choose to drive yourself through wine country. You can either use your own car or even rent a jeep to experience the lush fields and green valleys. It is one of the most common forms of taking a wine tour, and it's easy to go where you want to by following guidebooks or brochures and hitting the road yourself or with friends. Jeep tours can take you off-roading for a more adventurous tour.

Train Ride

A relaxing and beautiful way to experience wine country is to take a train. It's a unique trip usually within a fully restored rail car. You will have several options for the type of package you want including a lunch ride or dinner trip, murder mystery tours, and family-friendly ones. There are also tours through the various wineries along the way. A train tour can give you the feeling that you have stepped back into the past.

Limo Ride

If you want a luxurious tour through wine country, you could opt for a limo ride. There are tours using various types of vehicles from the classic limo to a stretch Humvee. You can either follow the tour's itinerary, or you can create your own customized tour to suit your own preference.

Bike Riding

If you are the athletic type, you might want to head out on a bike ride through wine country. These tours include one-day excursions to full cycling vacations that can take you through areas like Napa Valley and Sonoma or even through France. These tours tend to have add-ons like wine tastings or even watching how the wine is made at the various wineries. You could add on a horseback ride or canoe excursion as well.

It is one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in the outdoors and gives you a close-up view of the vineyards with their growing grapes.

Balloon Ride

Also for the adventurous, you have the option of a balloon ride through wine country. These trips are typically an hour long and let you see the sunrise over the green valleys. Once your balloon comes back down, you will be treated to a continental breakfast or with some tours, a gourmet feast at a local winery.