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Are You Headed To San Antonio, Texas?

If you are headed to San Antonio, Texas, that means you are more than likely headed for one of the most wonderful adventures you've ever had. Perhaps you've been to the Alamo City already and you loved it enough that you want to return many times. Or, it could be that this is your first trip to San Antonio. Either way, from making plans for places to stay to planning activities, here are some ideas that might help you to have a wonderful vacation.

Where To Stay - When you visit the San Antonio area you will probably wish you could stay there for months and months, and maybe forever. However, in the real world you more than likely have to get back home to your regular life. So, consider where you want to make your home base. If you want to focus on the history of San Antonio, visiting historical sights, you'll more than likely want to stay right in the downtown area. You might even decide to stay in one of San Antonio's historic hotels, perhaps one that even claims to have ghosts as its live-in guests. However, there's more to do than staying right in the city. For example, you might decide that you want to spend time golfing and doing other sports. In that case, consider staying at a resort that offers those activities and more. By doing so, you'll also get a taste of suburban living.

Where To Visit - Of course, you can't even think of leaving San Antonio without seeing famous places like the Mexican Market, La Villita, the Riverwalk, The Alamo and the other missions.  But, San Antonio has other well kept secrets. For example, ask your hotel concierge to direct you to the old shoe factory that has a fun gift shop, a place where you can sit down for ice cream and a nickel bag of pop corn. While you're there, check out the antique cars and even an antique hearse that are on display. And, don't forget to visit the little towns that surround San Antonio. For example, for a taste of Germany, visit New Braunfels or Boerne. A drive to the tiny town of Wimberly will also get you fun little restaurants and wonderful gift shops. Have you ever heard of Poteet, Texas? It's the strawberry capital of Texas and offers a taste of a bit of Mexico right in the United States.