Traveling With A Group

3 Ideas For Incentivizing Employees

Incentivizing your employees, especially if they work in sales, can boost morale and show your appreciation for hard workers. Although incentives can add up, they do not always need to be extravagant to be effective.

1. Start With Food

One of the least expensive incentives is rewarding employees with food. Going out to lunch and stopping by the local coffee shop can easily add up, especially if you depend on bonuses or commission to make ends meet. The least expensive incentive you can offer is a small denomination gift card to the local coffee shop, so employees can have a nice cup of coffee and pastry. 

Incentives to local grocery stores or mass merchandisers may also be appreciated. For a higher-level reward, consider gift cards at casual dining establishments for a hearty lunch or dinner. As an alternative, you might want to host a party for your highest earners, so they can enjoy a nice sit-down dinner that is catered by a highly-respected restaurant in the area.

2. Consider Clothing

Another expense for workers might be clothing, especially when they must wear business attire for work. Determine which retailers are popular for men's or women's business clothing and have a variety of sizes, and purchase gift certificates as an incentive. For many employees, a hundred dollars or more can help enhance their existing work wardrobe, even if they can incorporate a few timeless pieces to wear with items they currently own. 

Another option is gift certificates for footwear or to a specialty shop where they can purchase a tailored business suit. Since there are many types of stores that sell business-appropriate clothing, you can also use a tier system when issuing incentives.

3. Think About Travel

Vacations are probably among the most expensive incentives. You may want to offer one or more nights stay at a hotel chain that is commonly found across the country, so your employee can choose their destination. Even an overnight trip somewhere nearby can be a breath of fresh air for hardworking employees. 

Other types of travel incentives you might consider are transportation, especially air fare, which can often be cost-prohibitive when finding a vacation destination. Even if you cannot afford to offer the incentive of a fully paid, round-trip ticket, offer several hundred dollars toward the purchase. The highest-level incentive could be an all-inclusive package to a specific destination, such as Hawaii, NYC, Las Vegas, or a cruise.

Including incentives for employees can give them the extra boost necessary to do a better job. Even simple rewards are greatly appreciated in many work environments. For more information, contact a company like Fab at Incentives.