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Preparing For Your Sunset Cruise: What To Bring And Wear

You've booked your sunset cruise and you're all ready to enjoy a memorable evening on the water. There is only one problem — you don't know what to wear or what to bring. After all, knowing what to wear and what to bring is important to ensure you have a great time. Here are some things you should consider.


Collect at least one dosage of your must-have medications, especially if you take any medicine during the hours that you will be on the boat cruise. You must have your medications on hand to stay healthy. If you've never been on a boat before or have had issues in the past, bring motion sickness medicine along with you as well. You never know how choppy the water might be.

Dress Code

The description of the sunset cruise should include dress code information. Make sure you review it first, as some cruises have strict attire guidelines. Typically, if the cruise includes light hors d'oeuvres, a dress or a blouse with slacks, or a pair of khakis and collared shirt is okay. However, if the evening includes a multicourse sit-down meal, you should probably plan for semi-formal attire at the very least. 


Even if your sunset cruise is in the middle of the summer, it's still a good idea to bring some outerwear along. The winds over the watery are often heavier and the temperature is lower, as a result, once the sun goes down, it can become quite chilly. Rather than be forced to spend your time inside because you're cold, bring a light jacket along so that you can enjoy the view from outside. 


If the sunset cruise will extend well into the night and involves dancing, it's always a good idea to bring along extra footwear. If you're dancing the night away in high heels, by the end of the night, your feet might not be too happy. A small pair of ballet slippers that you can tuck in your purse, is great for walking back to your car when your feet hurt.

Battery Pack

Again, if the cruise will end very late, it doesn't hurt to bring along a battery pack to charge your cellphone if you need to. Keeping your phone charged is important if you've left your children behind and you want them to be able to communicate with you. Most battery packs are small enough to fit inside a purse or even a pants' pocket.

Look over this list to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your evening to the fullest.