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Three Types of Yacht Charter

Most people don't have the opportunity to travel by boat on a daily basis, but a boat adventure doesn't have to be reserved for lucky yacht owners. You can take a yacht trip of your own with a yacht charter. Travel along the coast in various vacation destinations. To start your next trip, take advantage of these three types of yacht charter:

1. Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charters are usually smaller yachts. Unlike other types of yacht charter, these boats don't come with a captain or crew. Instead, you will be piloting the boat alone. If you enjoy the challenge of sailing, you'll love a bareboat charter. You can feel free to choose the size of boat that best serves your needs. Sailing alone or with a loved one will give you unparalleled levels of privacy. Anyone who feels confident in their ability to steer a boat to its next destination can have a wonderful time on a bareboat charter. 

2. Skippered Charter

If you don't know how to sail a boat or you'd prefer to leave the responsibility to someone else, a skippered charter is an excellent alternative to bareboat charters. Skippered charters are piloted by a captain and crew. They will manage every aspect of navigation and steering so you can simply enjoy the ride. Skippered charters can be larger boats built to accommodate several people. If you want to spend time with your friends out on the sea, a skippered charter is ideal. You even have the opportunity of putting down an anchor in clear waters so you can swim in the ocean.

3. Cabin Charter

If you want to take a longer trip, you'll need somewhere comfortable to spend the night. A cabin charter is just what you need. There's no need to sleep on the deck when you have a comfortable bedroom to retire to. Cabin charters allow you to have a hotel experience out on the sea. Cabins are luxuriously furnished with beds, linens, and cabinets for your comfort. You'll also have access to a below-deck bathroom. Food will be provided on a cabin charter trip, and you'll be able to provide input on the menu.

These three types of yacht charter are all very different, but they can each make for an enjoyable trip. The one you'll enjoy best depends on your sailing skills and goals for your vacation. Pick a bareboat charter, skippered charter, or cabin charter to get started on your new adventure.

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