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Tips For Capturing Memorable Whale Watching Videos

When you go on a whale-watching tour, you will see ocean sights that are visually beautiful and mesmerizing. Naturally, you will want to capture the views by recording video clips on your cell phone. Before your trip takes place, follow some tips to capture memorable video you will enjoy for years to come.

Record Longer

As a whale-watching group explores the open ocean, you never know when you will see a whale or other creature pop up out of the water. Instead of missing key moments, keep your footage recording as much as possible. When an animal does pop-up, you do not want the footage cut off.

If you have long sections of video, you can easily edit and cut off the extra footage to keep some of the highlights. If your phone offers the option, add a Micro-SD card so you can capture extra footage without taking up a lot of the phone's internal data.

Stabilize Footage

As a whale-watching tour cruises through the water, you may experience a lot of rocking or sudden movements. Those jolts can have a big impact on the footage you shoot. Use a phone video stabilizer grip to help capture smooth footage. A grip will hold your device in place and capture smooth video clips.

You should also avoid the use of zoom on your phone. While you may feel tempted to zoom in on sea creatures, any movements will make the footage seem shakier. Stick to the wider shots and then crop shots in editing if needed.

Different Perspectives

As you explore a whale-watching boat, you can find different perspectives to capture unique video footage. For example, if the boat has a second level, then you can climb up and record an overhead shot of the water and any sea creatures. If there are any portholes on the lower deck, then you can capture unique footage from a lower angle.

Take a few minutes to explore the whale watching boat and discover ways to capture different angles.

Edit Sound

The natural sound of whale watching doesn't convert well to video clips. Oceans are often windy, boats are loud, and people may often talk over animal noises. Ideally, you should record with some music options in mind. When you overlay footage with music, you can have a much more pleasant experience watching the footage later on.

Go through tracks you have in mind and then add them over the footage for better clips to share on social media or other platforms.

Use all of the tips to create memorable whale-watching videos you want to look back on and show to friends.