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4 Benefits of Taking Your Kids on a Whale Watching Tour

Just heading to the beach is enough fun for some families, but you know that you want to do something that is extra special this time. While you'll find many things to keep your family busy in coastal areas, there is one grand adventure that you can bet that they aren't expecting. Taking your family on a whale-watching tour is a way to keep everyone entertained while making your trip an amazing experience.

Inspire a Sense of Awe

Gazing at the vast expanse of the ocean already gives your kids an idea of just how big the world is in comparison to their home environment. However, going out on a boat to see the whales lets your kids see the amazing power of the ocean. Watching whales as they leap through the air and swim swiftly through the sea gives your kids the opportunity to view the world from a new perspective.

See Other Ocean Animals

Whales aren't the only ocean animal that you might see. Depending upon your location and the time of year, your family might get to see dolphins leaping alongside the boat or a sea lion heading to the beach. Seagulls, turtles, and other aquatic wildlife are often quite visible on tours, and you may even see more than one species of whale.

Promote Ocean Awareness

Kids are often taught to take care of their environment, yet seeing how their efforts impact ocean wildlife really helps to drive the importance of conservation home. On your whale tour, you may see the guide take steps to protect the whales such as avoiding crossing their path or separating a group of whales from each other. A good whale watching guide might also talk to your family about how they can help to protect aquatic wildlife by avoiding littering and observing them quietly from a distance.

Create a Special Family Memory

Unique experiences are part of what helps families to bond. There is something amazing that happens when you get to see such a majestic animal up close enough to see its true size. As your family floats along in the ocean, you'll share an experience that can't be matched by anything else. Whether your kids are preschoolers or teens, they'll remember the moment that they saw a whale in person forever. Later, you may even turn whale watching into a tradition that you enjoy on future trips since every tour is a different experience.

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