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Tips For Saving Money On Your Vacation RV Rentals

If you are starting to plan your next vacation, do not forget to consider RV rentals. These units can be big and luxurious or simple and fun. Of course, when you are trying to stay within a budget, RVs can offer a less expensive trip if you know what to look for. Before you make any decisions, look over the following tips for saving money on vacation RV rentals.

Rent a Unit at the Destination

Instead of spending money on driving an RV to your vacation spot, talk to campsites, RV parks, and RV rental companies at your destination. You can then fly to the destination or drive there in your family vehicle. You can often get discounted airfare that will be less expensive than driving, but even if you must drive, a car is not going to use as much gas as an RV. In addition, you will save money on mileage fees the RV company charges.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

If your vacation is going to include a lot of sightseeing or outdoor activities, you are probably not going to spend a lot of time inside the RV. While you want to be sure everyone has a place to sleep, having extra "living" space is not important. A smaller RV is a good way to save money. If you are worried about inclement weather, make sure the place you will be staying has some type of recreation center or clubhouse. This way, even if you cannot be outside having fun, you won't be stuck all cramped together in the trailer. Of course, if you will be going to museums and such, there is no worry about the weather.


Every RV has some type of kitchen in it. This saves you from having to eat out for the duration of your vacation. While you may enjoy going to a restaurant for some meals, it will be nice to be able to enjoy a cheaper, home-cooked meal back at the RV.

You may be worried that staying in a vacation RV rental will not provide everyone with something to do. However, many RV parks offer all kinds of activities. You and your family will find you have many things to do and can always leave the campsite for other activities, just like leaving a hotel to go out on the town. When you take advantage of the above tips for saving money, you will be able to do even more than what you could afford when staying at a hotel if you want to go out and about.

To learn more, contact a company that provides vacation RV rentals