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3 Unique Music Tour Options

It's common for a performer or band to tour soon after they release an album, which can be an exciting time to hear their hot new single that you've undoubtedly enjoyed on the radio. These tours will also feature the artist's other biggest songs from throughout their career. This is the most common type of music tour, and whether it takes place in arenas, theaters, or music clubs, it can be lots of fun to attend. If you enjoy live music events and are planning to attend more in the future, you may find an assortment of unique music tour options that you wish to check out. Here are three examples.

Anniversary Tour

A lot of artists launch anniversary tours that focus on certain albums. For example, a performer may tour 10, 20, or even 25 years after the release of one of their most celebrated albums. The setlist for this type of tour can vary, but it's fairly common for the artist to play the album in question in its entirety — while also adding some other popular songs from other albums to the setlist. If this type of tour is supporting one of your favorite albums of all time, it can definitely be worth attending. You may also be excited to attend such a tour if you saw the performer when they toured right after the album came out.

Reunion Tour

Some bands break up and then get back together, while others take a hiatus that eventually ends with a reunion. In these scenarios, it's common for the band to launch what is known as a reunion tour. If you've been sad about a favorite band not putting out music or touring for what could be a prolonged period of time, a reunion tour can be a priority for you. This type of event, which typically features the group's fan-favorite songs, can especially be exciting if it has been several years since the band performed together.

Retirement Tour

If an artist has had a long career and is ready to step away from the industry, they'll often do so with a retirement tour. This is typically your last chance to see the artist live, so it should be on your list of concert events to attend if you're a fan of the artist. It's easy to feel a bit sad when you learn that an artist you enjoy is retiring, but attending their tour and hearing them play their hits for the last time can be a thrill. Look for examples of these three music tours taking place in your area.